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Superior Tax Consulting, Ltd. is a group of tax professionals that specialize in tax preparation and tax resolution. Many taxpayers don't understand that they have rights and there are programs designed to help them in their time of crisis. Our role is to fight for those rights and make sure that the taxpayer's interests are protected. With more than 10 years of tax experience, Superior Tax Consulting, Ltd. has been helping taxpayers nationally since 1996.

The IRS has lawyers protecting their interest and you should too. We, at Superior Tax Consulting, Ltd., won't insult you with ridiculous promises. However, we do guarantee that we will advocate for you and negotiate the best settlement possible. While sometimes we are able to settle some cases for pennies on the dollar, it's not a typical settlement. Superior Tax Consulting, Ltd. will manage your expectations and will work your case from the moment you retain us to the moment your tax lien is removed. As a matter of fact, we'd like to become your life long tax agency, keeping you in compliance and out of tax trouble for years to come.