Tax Resolution Services

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Whether you owe back taxes because you were the victim of embezzlement, went through a painful divorce, or just plain mismanaged your financials, we can help.

In some cases the Internal Revenue Service will accept less than full payment because of a mitigating circumstance. These circumstances include Doubt to Liability, Doubt to Collectibility and/or Effective Tax Administration .

After preparing a detailed financial statement and narrative, Superior Tax Consulting will determine whether a client qualifies for this type of relief. Many firms claim they specialize in Offer in Compromises, but few actually bring an offer from application to settlement, like Superior Tax Consulting does.

Superior Tax Consulting prepares a complete Offer in Compromise package for their clients, whereas most firms type up the 12 page application, mail it to the client and expect the client to complete the process.

Penalty Abatements
Superior Tax Consulting will tailor a penalty abatement claim that is unique to your situation. It will demonstrate why the taxpayer shouldn't be held responsible for the penalties; and the associated interest. Most other firms use a template or may even have you prepare the claim.

Installment Agreements
Superior Tax Consulting will present your financials in a manner that will get you the lowest possible monthly installments. In some cases, depending on the type of tax and amount owed, it may be necessary to prepare a financial claim package.

Removal of Liens, Levies and Garnishments
If the IRS has frozen your bank account or has begun to garnish your wages, call us immediately and we'll get the garnishment reduced or released within 48 hours. If the IRS has placed a lien on your property and you want to refinance, we'll help you coordinate a lien subordination. This way you can use the equity in your property to settle your outstanding liability.