Tax Compliance Services

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Not only do we specialize in helping clients with existing tax problems, but as a full service accounting firm, we also help keep you out of tax trouble by offering compliance services.

Income Tax Preparation
Whether you need only the current year or the last 10 years prepared, Superior Tax Consulting can help. We are current on all the new tax laws that will affect your personal or business returns and our forensic accountants specialize in reconstructing older financials. This ensures that accurate older returns can be prepared.

Payroll Services
One of the most important aspects of your business is your employees, so it's vital that their payroll is done correctly. A major reason businesses go defunct within the first three years is mismanaging payroll. Since payroll tax penalties are so high, it’s easy to become delinquent and nearly impossible to become current.

Tax Planning
Do you continue to owe year after year even though you have plenty of withholdings? Call Superior Tax Consulting today to discuss some of your options. You may be able to cut your tax bill and begin creating your nest egg at the same time!

Entity Formation
Whether you’re thinking about starting your own business or you’ve already started a business, you probably have questions. Superior Tax Consulting can create a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship on your behalf and show you the tax implications of each.

Is it important for you to how profitable your business is? Your answer should be obvious. Our QuickBooks Certified Professionals can either train you on how to keep your books or we can keep track of them for you. In fact, we will run periodic analysis to determine how to more efficiently manage your business.