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"I received a letter from my employer stating that my wages were garnished and I didn't know which way to turn. I was behind on my mortgage and on the verge of bankruptcy. I called Superior Tax Consulting and they had the garnishment lifted that afternoon! Then they negotiated a settlement that I was able to pay in a lump sum. I have a fresh start thanks to Superior Tax."
James C. - NY, NY

"All it took was a Revenue Officer knocking on my door to realize that it was time to contact a professional. My business is too valuable to hand over to the IRS. Superior Tax Consulting was able to keep my business open and work out an affordable installment with the IRS."
Julie S. - Biloxi, MS


"When I lost my husband and son in a car accident in 1998 I fell behind in my taxes. It just didn't seem important anymore - nothing did. Then in 1999 when I sold the family home the IRS kept over $50,000 of the proceeds. Superior Tax Consulting was able to recover nearly 15,000 by filing a penalty abatement claim!"
Elizabeth P. - Houston, TX


"Before I called Superior Tax, I was told by other firms that my best bet was an Offer in Compromise. After the 15 minute consultation, I became convinced that the best solution was amending those returns that the IRS filed for me and instead of owing $23,000 I got a refund of $2,500. It's a good thing I called Superior Tax."
Ricardo A. - Jacksonville, FL