About Us

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Superior Tax Consulting was created to provide tax consulting services to individuals, small businesses, corporations and institutions, nationwide. From the very beginning, we spent a lot of time exploring the tax industry. Through our research, we discovered that there are a lot of “boiler room sales operations” masquerading as tax firms. We realized that we needed to do something to separate ourselves from those other firms.

Superior Training
At many other firm’s, tax consultants are simply glorified salespeople without any tax training, formal or informal. You may realize this when they are unable to offer you the specifics of how they plan to resolve your tax problem. Superior Tax Consulting only hires consultants with formal educations in business and experience in tax resolution and tax compliance. Once hired, they must work with a senior consultant and settle several cases from start to finish before they graduate into a Superior Tax Consultant. Be assured that when you call us for a consultation, the consultant will be qualified to give you advice.

Superior Reliability
Many other firms claim that they won’t leave you to fend for yourself halfway through the resolution process, but then after your fee is paid they don’t return your phone calls. Superior Tax Consulting will see you through until your tax problem is resolved because it is our goal to continue our relationship into the future by preparing your yearly tax returns.

Superior Understanding
Many other firms expect you to pay their entire fee before any work begins on your case. At Superior Tax Consulting, we understand that usually this is not be possible, and are willing to split your fee into monthly installments.

Superior Respect
Many other firms will insult you with unrealistic promises and guarantees to get your business. We will manage your expectations and explain each step of the process to you so that you understand how we arrive at a settlement.

Superior Service
Many other firms specialize in either tax compliance or resolution. We are a full service accounting firm. We specialize in everything from bookkeeping to offer in compromises. This means our experts have an excellent understanding of the entire tax code. Some firms may steer you into a specific resolution because it’s all they know, even if it’s not the ideal solution for you. Since our consultants have an overall understanding of the tax code, we will make sure that you are aware of all your options.